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How To Find My Essay Writer: An Effective Strategy

So you’ve decided to find someone to write your essay for you, right? Well before you proceed any further, you should form an effective strategy to make sure you’re getting the best writer at the best price. So if you’re asking yourself, “How do I find my essay writer?” here is what you need to know:


If your plan is to pay ten dollars to your friend’s cousin’s next door neighbor, then you really should think again. After all, what’s the point in paying for a potentially poor essay? You need to make sure that you are getting a top quality paper! So the first thing you need to do is get on the internet. You will find an abundance of essays for sale online, so you should take your time in comparing different services. Whatever you do, don’t just go with the first one you come across!

Think it through and check the details.

There are plenty of companies and freelance writers to choose from. Often it’s best to go with a freelancer so that you can have a one-to-one relationship, which means any problems can be resolved easily and communication is straightforward. But that’s not to say that you won’t find such things available from companies as well. Just be sure to check what their practices and services entail in detail before you choose. Look through their FAQs and terms and conditions so that you know exactly where you stand.

Look at customer feedback.

Looking at customer feedback is invaluable when it comes to buying articles online. Don’t just look at what customers have to say on the companies’ own websites – look on online forums and suchlike to see which professional companies and individuals come recommended.


It’s not always the rule that the more expensive a service is, the better it is. But that doesn’t mean it follows suit that the cheap ones are better! You should take price into consideration, but only alongside other criteria. Quality should come first. After all, what’s the point in spending all that time looking for a service, and handing over your dollars, only to receive a mediocre essay? You might as well have saved yourself some money and spent the time actually writing the essay yourself!

Make sure.

Don’t overlook any details when it comes to choosing your writer. It’s easy to overlook things that seem trivial at the time, only to become major factors later. For example, you need to ascertain that you will receive your essay in plenty of time for your deadline!

Writing A 3-Paragraph Essay: Formatting Instructions

Before we delve into the details of how you will format your three-paragraph essay, it is important to first of all understand what constitutes this paper. While the basic structure is of three paragraphs, you need to understand that this does not meant that this work can only be done in a few sentences. As a matter of fact you can have this paper flowing into a number of pages, depending on how you want to make it come out. There are useful ideas that will always come in handy when you are formatting for this particular paper. The following are some of them, and if you pay close attention to them, you will have already learned some of the most important things that will make it easier for you to deliver the best paper you have ever written. As a matter of fact these tips will also work for most of the other papers that you will ever need to work on.

  1. Structure of the paper

  2. Choose a topic

  3. Determine the thesis statement

  4. Outline the paper

  5. Start working on the paper

  6. Proofread your work

  • Structure of the paper
  • The first thing that you need to do is to visualize the paper. Imagine what you want to work on and determine how you will go about it to fruition. Once you have the picture in mind, everything else should be a breeze.

  • Choose a topic
  • Select the topic that you want to work on. Choosing a good topic will in most cases earn you more marks and make your work easier. Do not choose something that is too wide for you to handle within the confines of this paper, or too thin to be effectively handled at the same time.

  • Determine the thesis statement
  • The thesis statement provides the reader with a glimpse of the paper in a few sentences. It also gets them the direction that your paper is going, so that they know for sure why you are writing this paper.

  • Outline the paper
  • Come up with an outline. For clarity purposes, try and make sure that you use roman numerals for this. It will make your work easier, and will also make it easier for you to follow through.

  • Start working on the paper
  • With everything mapped out already, you can confidently start working on your paper and make sure that you have all the information you need.

  • Proofread your work
  • Finally, go through the task and weed out any information that is irrelevant. You can find a trusted company with years of experience in writing and editing, and hire them, if you need help.