5 Ways to Give Students Free Choice on Essay Topics and Still Save Your Sanity

First and foremost, telling the student that you should write about specific topics just because a lot of work has already been done on a particular topic is not right. No two works done by two different people on the same topic are the same. Every person has their method of writing. As no two people have the same style, limiting the students by telling them that they are not allowed to write on certain topics is not the right approach. Rather, you should teach them various methods that they can use to write on the same topic. Five such methods are discussed below

  1. Focus

It would help if you told your students that they would need to focus on the topic. For instance, if the topic is ‘The Big Game’, tell your students that they should shift their focus to the players at an individual level. Talk about the things that are going through the mind of the goalkeeper. What is it that the referee is thinking? Talk about losing the game and then shaking hands with the winners. These points would help your students focus on things other than the game itself

  1.  Change the perspective

The story can be written from various perspectives. You don’t need to write the story or the essay only from the audience’s perspective. Furthermore, it is not necessary to talk only from the perspective of living things. You can also tell your students to broaden their imagination. Tell them to write the essay on ‘The Big Game’ from the perspective of the scoreboard, or the ball. The student will be able to think differently from that point onwards

  1. Include the sensory details

Talking about the senses and their ability to perceive things differently is another point that you can tell your students. Tell them that they should include about 15-20 sensory details in their essay, which might seem a lot in the beginning, but when the student starts thinking about it from that perspective, you will be surprised by the things they will come up with.

  1. Get personal

The next point that you should tell your students is that they will need to get personal. Tell them what if one of their great-grandchildren finds this essay lies in the attic one day, what would you like to tell them about yourself through the essay. Whenever a person is writing something, their personality is displayed through their writing style. Tell your students that they should get personal. Tell them to answer this question, ‘Why are you telling this story?’

  1. Change the genres

Last but certainly not least, tell your students to change the genre of your essay. Even if they are working on a basic topic like ‘The Big Game’, tell them that they should switch the genre to mystery or thriller. Imagining such sort would help the students in ways that you cannot imagine. The students will think about the various ways of converting a simple game to a mystery, or maybe a murder mystery, you never know.


Therefore, you should never underestimate your student by limiting their imagination and telling them not to work on certain topics just because a lot of work has already been done on that topic. Where would romantic story writers go if you tell them the same thing? 

Application Essay Topics to Avoid

You will need to craft an application before commencing your life at a college or any other institution. Most institutions demand that such applications be submitted faster to ensure quick handling of the entire admission process.  Therefore, you might have the pressure that comes with writing such applications.

However, many topics are available to write about, but every learner must adhere to what the institution needs. Pressure results because you will be asked to write about a range of requirements you need to take in keenly. During the writing process, you might find yourself deviating to various topics that are way beyond what your institution needs to hear from you, or instead, everyone finds them inappropriate to write about. It, therefore, requires that you venture into establishing the right topics while discarding the invaluable ones. Let us dive right into the application essay topics you need to avoid.


To some extent, some don’t have a more significant role to play when crafting an application essay. Keep in mind that sex isn’t invaluable to talk about, but doesn’t have to be incorporated into the process of writing your application essay.  

Poor grades

While everyone has gone through the ups and downs in the education sector, expect that they have also garnered good grades and the bad ones. However, it isn’t wrong to talk more about your downside, but talking more about poor performances and rates can bring about boredom to the reader.    

Describing why a college is a perfect match

Usually, most people love preparing a positive description of how they find a college perfect match. Well, that isn’t a wrong path, but confining yourself to describing your college can deter you from crafting the key ideas.

A summary of accomplishments

Well, accomplishments are just part of the success journey you have been going through, and they aren’t bad either. However, despite the achievements you have made, it is always good to let the application speak for yourself.  You have to craft your application in a way that clearly explains your accomplishments.  

Some other topics you should avoid writing about when crafting application essays include:

  • Writing about a past event that doesn’t impact on your life either way
  • The peace of the world
  • Confessions, epiphany
  • Sensitive topics
  • Sports topics
  • Volunteer experiences and tips
  • Illegal characters
  • Drug and substance abuse
  • Arrest topics, crimes


You might be questioning yourself the kind of topics you need to be writing on now that you have known what you need to avoid. There are many topics you can always consider when you want to write an application essay. The principal idea is to establish a proper way of confining yourself to what the essay needs. Mostly, many institutions will need to know much from you, and you have to be clear on precisely what is needed. Be careful to avoid deviating to irrelevant topics such as the ones we have discussed above. As a student, focus on what is required, especially by the institution.

Brainstorming Effectively on any Essay Topic

The essay will always be part and parcel of your schoolwork once you start your high school journey until graduation. In that long period, you will encounter various topics to tackle. Some will be tough to handle, and others will always be easier. However, it doesn’t matter whether the essay topic is challenging or simple. The main idea is to strive and develop the best essay content that will attract all its readers. But is it just an easy-to-do task?

Writing the best essays and the acceptable ones for youth instructors require that you devise a strategic approach to writing given topics. Usually, the best way of handling an essay before you start writing is to brainstorm ideas. Brainstorming doesn’t necessarily mean that you will land good ideas or approaches for your essay. At times, brainstorming can result in ideas that can bring about a false or bad outcome of the entire essay. If you find it hard to brainstorm the best and right ideas, you can turn to services that provide directional advice to writing essays. This piece will explore some of the hacks that will help you brainstorm effectively on any essay topic. Are you set? Let us highlight some of the hacks.

Establish a focused space

Effective brainstorming cannot be achieved when focusing on other non-related things. If you plan to brainstorm on any given topic, you should strategize and prepare yourself to focus on a specific topic. Always avoid brainstorming about any given subject when you are tired. When tired, there is a more significant potential that you will have bad ideas. The more you focus on such views, the more you deviate from the brilliant ideas for your essay.   

Break the ice if you are operating within a team

Another hack of brainstorming on your essay topic is to break the ice, especially when working within a group. Communication is an essential tool when you want to deliver excellent ideas within a group discussion. However, it is necessary to understand that some people and many of them have a greater possibility of getting shy while presenting ideas. As a result, most team members will tend to sit on ideas that are good for enhancing the topic of discussion. Breaking the ice with other team members will enhance creativity and communication. However, if you need to do it all alone, this hack plays no role.     

Get some paper

A piece of paper is enough to make your brainstorming effective. Don’t have worries about the structure but instead, keep thinking freely. To achieve all these, write the topic assigned to you at the center of the paper’s available piece. After that, take a couple of minutes to craft everything in mind about the topic of concern. Be brief at this stage and constrict yourself to key ideas you think about the subject.

Stick to proper organization and expand your ideas

After noting down every essential idea about the topic of concern, prepare your ideas, and arrange them in a given order. Most people prefer the use of charts and lists. However, the significant idea is the need for referencing the final version of the ideas you have arranged.  

After the entire process of organizing ideas:

  1. Identify a strategic way of writing on the ideas you have shortlisted on the piece of paper.
  2. Follow your plan and write the best you can.
  3. Zero down to the main ideas and research widely about them and be precise while writing your points.


Essay writing is a potential skill that is essential for every scholar. You have to identify a proper way of going about the entire process. As a result, you will come up with an essay that is worth the salt.  


Great Ways To Come Up With A Topic For A College Cause And Effect Essay

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Great Ways To Come Up With A Topic For A College Cause And Effect Essay

The cause and effect essay for a college course requires you to discuss a subject in length and provide either an explanation for the cause of something or an explanation for the effects of whatever results exist. Choosing a manageable assignment topic is important as it makes the process of finding relevant information easier. Here are some suggestions for coming up with a good topic:

Review the course syllabus for ideas

One of the most effective ways of developing topic ideas is having a look at the course syllabus and highlighting subject areas that interest you. Consider readings, course lectures, and more. The biggest advantage of this technique is that you generally might not have to do too much additional research and can focus on material to which you already have access.

Think about issues occurring around

You can spend a few minutes reading articles on news sites online or watching the evening news to learn a lot about current events happening in the world around you. This can lead to some pretty intriguing ideas to use for a college cause and effect essay. For instance, a pop star’s unexplained or sudden death can lead for a study on the cause and effects of certain behaviors.

List questions you want answered

Another great technique for come up with good essay topics is to list out a series of questions you would simply like to have answered. Look at these questions from both perspectives. For example, let’s say you want to know the long term effects of drinking alcohol. You can look at this from the opposite side and consider the details of the results and look for the main causes that might have led up to those effects. You may find something new or interesting that you might have overlooked by not considering different questions.

Brainstorm ideas with other students

Sometimes some of our best ideas come from simple conversation we have with other people. Take a page out of this technique and arrange a small brainstorming session with other students from your class. While you don’t want to copy someone else’s idea you can stimulate the creative and critical thinking processes to develop a list of topics you would like to explore. Just be sure you each discuss what you are likely to write your assignment on to ensure you don’t step on each other’s toes.

An Impressive Idea On How To Hire An Online Essay Writer

In case you find it hard to get your done on time or rather you get caught up with other chores, you can always opt for. You may make up your mind to pay to write paper to craft the work for you and then pay him the agreed amount of money. You should always think of hiring a reliable writing service. Below are impressive ideas to adhere to.

Look at the agency’s website

A website is a great resource for every firm that engages in online essay writing. Every website must have a wide range of information that is helpful to the users. For instance, someone may want to know how the firm charges different prices on different services delivered to clients. The only place they can get aid from is here. Therefore, the site should always be complete.

Customer support availability

Customer support varies widely and therefore, the kind of support you request for depends on the kind of working relationship you have established with your writing agency. Most of the expert firms are considerable about their clients and therefore they get in touch with them all round the clock. This means that should need support at daytime or night time, the firm managers will make sure you get it. Simply pose one or two quizzes to the site and be keen on whether you will get feedback within 24 hours or more.

Get information about the writers

The one to write my essay for me should always avail all the necessary information to the clients so that people will not have to ask themselves a lot of questions. However, one can get information about them by employing some few tricks. For instance, you can directly get it upon request and this will totally cost you nothing. Secondly, you can as well get more information from past clients who have at one point or another enjoyed the firm’s essay writing services.

Demand to get guarantees

One of the main things that clients need to be assured of is their money. You are not sure whether the person you are entrusting your money with will fail to provide the expected outcome or not. It is not advisable to give priority to companies that do not give assurances to their clients because they put the client’s money at risk. Once you manage to have these tips adhered to, everything else will go as planned to.

Great Tips On How To Organize The Essay Structure In A Proper Way

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The essay serves many purposes outside of simply getting good grades at the end of a school term. In the work place, journalism, research and entertainment, compositions play pivotal roles and so having, at least, adequate skills in this practice can be an asset to you, regardless of your field of interest.

Writing an essay is a common task that many professionals and students are faced with on a regular basis so over time, the most effective methods, styles, tricks and formats have been identified. The following five points will walk you through a step by step process to completing an essay with proper structure:

  1. Topic selection
  2. This is an important step in writing any paper and many inexperienced authors overlook this, earning them their first big mistake before they have even started writing. Take some time to consider your options, try to select one that both suits your interests and also possess enough information for you to write a full bodied composition on.

  3. Introduction
  4. Now that you have selected your topic, devise a hypothesis or opening statement. Even if the paper is not scientific, a strong statement at the start of the paper can intrigue readers and get them thinking. Creating anticipation and interest in what you have to say in your paper at the start is a good strategy.

  5. Character development
  6. After you have introduced your paper, you can now introduce the reader to each major element in your story. Be descriptive without going into too much detail, as you introduce a character, include some of their most defining qualities, to allow to readers to get a feel of the person.

  7. The plot
  8. As you proceed, your intention must be the build up to a significant event or discovery. This is typical of most fictional formats and a writer can be defined by their ability to paint a picture, make it all fit into one canvas in a dramatic fashion. Ensure that you have built a foundation for any revelation you make, a story must flow.

  9. Conclusion
  10. Now that you have introduced your characters and the readers have gotten to know them and also see what they are capable of, you must bring your story to a close. This occurs in two stages, you present the scene or scenes that you story is all about, then your final statement. This should present the reader with an explanation, as well as an end to the story.

Top 25 Discursive Essay Topic Ideas To Trigger Your Imagination

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There are many types of topics and discursive topic is one of them. In such topic the writers have to present both the aspects good and bad. These topics are written by many people but you can also write on the same topic differently. Writers should have sufficient knowledge about the topic and for that they should read vastly. As these topics are full of debate so sometime writer present it in such a way that create confusion.

If the writers want to get rid off from the confusion then first of all they should make their concept clear. Write one idea in your essay and stick to it from the beginning to end of the paper. To make your concept clearer you should read a lot. Variety books are available in the market on essay book. You can by form there or you can also search online. You will get both values on those topics. Here we are providing 25 discursive topics. To write the paper on these topics certainly trigger your imagination. Here they are given as follow.

  1. How does global weather change and who are responsible for that?
  2. The execution penalty should be abolished
  3. Election process needs improvement in our country
  4. The student assessment system should be changed
  5. Lottery is one type gamble
  6. India needs fair system of taxation
  7. Are we totally depend on computers
  8. Children are getting addicted of internet
  9. Animals use in research should be banned
  10. Smoking is injurious to health still people use. Should it banned completely
  11. Are the use of cell phones free from danger
  12. The behaviour of the child has been changed
  13. Our government takes necessary action to prevent population
  14. Are athletes and actors paid high amount?
  15. What should be paid amount for the post of CEO?
  16. The violence of video game causes change in attitude of the player
  17. Creationism should be taught as a school subject
  18. English should be language of all profession
  19. Parent should not enter fare in the life of their children
  20. Drinking alcohol damages the family
  21. Age does not effect relationship
  22. Is live in relationship encouraged
  23. Is the charge of Higher education too high?
  24. Is it proper to competition encouraged in school and colleges?
  25. Should the age fixed for dating?

5 Prompts for Writing a Strong Essay on the Freedom of Religion

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Since man has looked to a higher power there has been the debate over which religion is right and which are wrong. Although, this topic has been written about time and time again, it is still a strong and popular subject for student’s to present in an essay format. But where do you begin? There are so many angles and areas that can be covered, here are 5 prompts from UsEssayWriters that may help get your thought processes churning.

Prompt # 1 ~ Should Prayer Be Allowed in Schools?

At one time reciting the Lord’s prayer was the way each class began their day, but with so many religions out there, today this would become a time-consuming task. Which brings up the question; if religion were allowed, which one should it be? People are easily offended, especially when it comes to religion, so making the decision to honor one and not the others would not be a task most school boards want to wrestle with…

Prompt # 2 ~ Religion and the Founding Fathers

When the founding fathers first established the United States, they made religion a priority, making sure it was separated from the state or government and that each person had a right to express it with freedom. However, things have changed and the US government has made moves towards taking all aspects of religion out of the schools, their money and even out of sports…

Prompt # 3 ~ Should Plural Marriages Be Legalized?

Some members of the Mormon church believe that having more than one wife falls within their religious freedom; however, for the majority of the world, this is illegal and comes with some harsh penalties…

Prompt # 4 ~ When Religious Beliefs Endanger Lives

For some cultures around the world modern medicine can infringe on the very beliefs they hold near and dear to their hearts. However, when religion inflicts harm or is viewed as illegal in the eyes of the law, what could or should be done?

Prompt # 5 ~ Muslims in America and Their Fight for Freedom

After the 911 attacks the world began to view Muslims in a very negative light, but can we judge an entire culture on the mistakes of some? This ongoing battle may never resolve itself, but we as a society must take steps to solidify and gain understanding of these people…

When writing an essay, especially on the freedom of religion, be sure to gather all your information and the facts together before you proceed to start writing. Choosing what you want to say and the points you want to make are crucial in putting together a strong freedom of religion essay.

Seven Great Tips To Write An Illustration Essay From Scratch

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An illustration essay is a piece of content writing which encompasses good examples in the write-up. It is a simple descriptive content with lot of facts, points and examples. Though you write fictitious write-ups, your given examples will help readers to have solid ideas about the central themes. Seven great writing tips to create an illustration essay are helpful to beginners.

First Tip

Like other pieces of articles and essays, illustration content writing is similar with an introduction, body of the content and lastly a conclusion. Make the good thesis statement in the short introduction. Enlarge the points in the middle of the content and lastly write the conclusion. Restate your thesis statement in this last paragraph of the write-up. All descriptive details must be done in the body of the write-up.

Second Tip

Bring pots of new attractive idioms, phrases and hyperbolic expletives to write the illustration article. Readers like to read good sentences which have similes and object personification terms. Sometimes, quoted lines from novels and well known stories cite a new identify to the content artistically.

Third Tip

Don’t lambaste a targeted person or institution while illustrating incidents in the write-up. Arguments and strong criticisms need to be steered clear of. Simply make your content lively through vivid content illustration.

Fourth Tip

Select the best examples which need to be placed in the illustration write-up. These examples help readers to learn your purposes to illustrate the incident.

Fifth Tip

You must have ability to transform ideas in your content without camouflage. So,be strategic to insert all examples in an integrated form. Don’t try to make the checklist of mentioning your examples in series. Readers must not lose their hope when they spend time for reviewing your illustration write-up.

Sixth Tip

Make your illustration write-up a good vehicle to transform your own feeling and senses to readers. They will have same feeling when they read the illustrated content. That’s why; attractive figures of speech can be used to restructure the content.

Seventh Tip

You should have friendly temperament to express your views in the illustrated content. Don’t forcefully impose your ideas on readers to accept. You must have welcoming tone to invite readers to go through the illustration write-up enthusiastically.

Lastly, after writing the complete illustration write-up, do reviewing and necessary content editing. Mistakes must be removed to make the write-up qualitative. Your thoughts should be delivered clearly within the précised content framework.

How To Find My Essay Writer: An Effective Strategy

So you’ve decided to find someone to write your essay for you, right? Well before you proceed any further, you should form an effective strategy to make sure you’re getting the best writer at the best price. So if you’re asking yourself, “How do I find my essay writer?” here is what you need to know:


If your plan is to pay ten dollars to your friend’s cousin’s next door neighbor, then you really should think again. After all, what’s the point in paying for a potentially poor essay? You need to make sure that you are getting a top quality paper! So the first thing you need to do is get on the internet. You will find an abundance of essays for sale online, so you should take your time in comparing different services. Whatever you do, don’t just go with the first one you come across!

Think it through and check the details.

There are plenty of companies and freelance writers to choose from. Often it’s best to go with a freelancer so that you can have a one-to-one relationship, which means any problems can be resolved easily and communication is straightforward. But that’s not to say that you won’t find such things available from companies as well. Just be sure to check what their practices and services entail in detail before you choose. Look through their FAQs and terms and conditions so that you know exactly where you stand.

Look at customer feedback.

Looking at customer feedback is invaluable when it comes to buying articles online. Don’t just look at what customers have to say on the companies’ own websites – look on online forums and suchlike to see which professional companies and individuals come recommended.


It’s not always the rule that the more expensive a service is, the better it is. But that doesn’t mean it follows suit that the cheap ones are better! You should take price into consideration, but only alongside other criteria. Quality should come first. After all, what’s the point in spending all that time looking for a service, and handing over your dollars, only to receive a mediocre essay? You might as well have saved yourself some money and spent the time actually writing the essay yourself!

Make sure.

Don’t overlook any details when it comes to choosing your writer. It’s easy to overlook things that seem trivial at the time, only to become major factors later. For example, you need to ascertain that you will receive your essay in plenty of time for your deadline!