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5 Ways to Give Students Free Choice on Essay Topics and Still Save Your Sanity

First and foremost, telling the student that you should write about specific topics just because a lot of work has already been done on a particular topic is not right. No two works done by two different people on the same topic are the same. Every person has their method of writing. As no two people have the same style, limiting the students by telling them that they are not allowed to write on certain topics is not the right approach. Rather, you should teach them various methods that they can use to write on the same topic. Five such methods are discussed below

  1. Focus

It would help if you told your students that they would need to focus on the topic. For instance, if the topic is ‘The Big Game’, tell your students that they should shift their focus to the players at an individual level. Talk about the things that are going through the mind of the goalkeeper. What is it that the referee is thinking? Talk about losing the game and then shaking hands with the winners. These points would help your students focus on things other than the game itself

  1.  Change the perspective

The story can be written from various perspectives. You don’t need to write the story or the essay only from the audience’s perspective. Furthermore, it is not necessary to talk only from the perspective of living things. You can also tell your students to broaden their imagination. Tell them to write the essay on ‘The Big Game’ from the perspective of the scoreboard, or the ball. The student will be able to think differently from that point onwards

  1. Include the sensory details

Talking about the senses and their ability to perceive things differently is another point that you can tell your students. Tell them that they should include about 15-20 sensory details in their essay, which might seem a lot in the beginning, but when the student starts thinking about it from that perspective, you will be surprised by the things they will come up with.

  1. Get personal

The next point that you should tell your students is that they will need to get personal. Tell them what if one of their great-grandchildren finds this essay lies in the attic one day, what would you like to tell them about yourself through the essay. Whenever a person is writing something, their personality is displayed through their writing style. Tell your students that they should get personal. Tell them to answer this question, ‘Why are you telling this story?’

  1. Change the genres

Last but certainly not least, tell your students to change the genre of your essay. Even if they are working on a basic topic like ‘The Big Game’, tell them that they should switch the genre to mystery or thriller. Imagining such sort would help the students in ways that you cannot imagine. The students will think about the various ways of converting a simple game to a mystery, or maybe a murder mystery, you never know.


Therefore, you should never underestimate your student by limiting their imagination and telling them not to work on certain topics just because a lot of work has already been done on that topic. Where would romantic story writers go if you tell them the same thing? 

Application Essay Topics to Avoid

You will need to craft an application before commencing your life at a college or any other institution. Most institutions demand that such applications be submitted faster to ensure quick handling of the entire admission process.  Therefore, you might have the pressure that comes with writing such applications.

However, many topics are available to write about, but every learner must adhere to what the institution needs. Pressure results because you will be asked to write about a range of requirements you need to take in keenly. During the writing process, you might find yourself deviating to various topics that are way beyond what your institution needs to hear from you, or instead, everyone finds them inappropriate to write about. It, therefore, requires that you venture into establishing the right topics while discarding the invaluable ones. Let us dive right into the application essay topics you need to avoid.


To some extent, some don’t have a more significant role to play when crafting an application essay. Keep in mind that sex isn’t invaluable to talk about, but doesn’t have to be incorporated into the process of writing your application essay.  

Poor grades

While everyone has gone through the ups and downs in the education sector, expect that they have also garnered good grades and the bad ones. However, it isn’t wrong to talk more about your downside, but talking more about poor performances and rates can bring about boredom to the reader.    

Describing why a college is a perfect match

Usually, most people love preparing a positive description of how they find a college perfect match. Well, that isn’t a wrong path, but confining yourself to describing your college can deter you from crafting the key ideas.

A summary of accomplishments

Well, accomplishments are just part of the success journey you have been going through, and they aren’t bad either. However, despite the achievements you have made, it is always good to let the application speak for yourself.  You have to craft your application in a way that clearly explains your accomplishments.  

Some other topics you should avoid writing about when crafting application essays include:

  • Writing about a past event that doesn’t impact on your life either way
  • The peace of the world
  • Confessions, epiphany
  • Sensitive topics
  • Sports topics
  • Volunteer experiences and tips
  • Illegal characters
  • Drug and substance abuse
  • Arrest topics, crimes


You might be questioning yourself the kind of topics you need to be writing on now that you have known what you need to avoid. There are many topics you can always consider when you want to write an application essay. The principal idea is to establish a proper way of confining yourself to what the essay needs. Mostly, many institutions will need to know much from you, and you have to be clear on precisely what is needed. Be careful to avoid deviating to irrelevant topics such as the ones we have discussed above. As a student, focus on what is required, especially by the institution.

5 Prompts for Writing a Strong Essay on the Freedom of Religion

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Since man has looked to a higher power there has been the debate over which religion is right and which are wrong. Although, this topic has been written about time and time again, it is still a strong and popular subject for student’s to present in an essay format. But where do you begin? There are so many angles and areas that can be covered, here are 5 prompts from UsEssayWriters that may help get your thought processes churning.

Prompt # 1 ~ Should Prayer Be Allowed in Schools?

At one time reciting the Lord’s prayer was the way each class began their day, but with so many religions out there, today this would become a time-consuming task. Which brings up the question; if religion were allowed, which one should it be? People are easily offended, especially when it comes to religion, so making the decision to honor one and not the others would not be a task most school boards want to wrestle with…

Prompt # 2 ~ Religion and the Founding Fathers

When the founding fathers first established the United States, they made religion a priority, making sure it was separated from the state or government and that each person had a right to express it with freedom. However, things have changed and the US government has made moves towards taking all aspects of religion out of the schools, their money and even out of sports…

Prompt # 3 ~ Should Plural Marriages Be Legalized?

Some members of the Mormon church believe that having more than one wife falls within their religious freedom; however, for the majority of the world, this is illegal and comes with some harsh penalties…

Prompt # 4 ~ When Religious Beliefs Endanger Lives

For some cultures around the world modern medicine can infringe on the very beliefs they hold near and dear to their hearts. However, when religion inflicts harm or is viewed as illegal in the eyes of the law, what could or should be done?

Prompt # 5 ~ Muslims in America and Their Fight for Freedom

After the 911 attacks the world began to view Muslims in a very negative light, but can we judge an entire culture on the mistakes of some? This ongoing battle may never resolve itself, but we as a society must take steps to solidify and gain understanding of these people…

When writing an essay, especially on the freedom of religion, be sure to gather all your information and the facts together before you proceed to start writing. Choosing what you want to say and the points you want to make are crucial in putting together a strong freedom of religion essay.