The Best Basic Tips for Writing a Great Essay

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Writing an essay can easily become a most daunting task if you make the decision to dive right into writing first. This can be disastrous because you may not have completely thought about the topic or really given the arguments and information much thought. Then when you get to the mid-point, you’ll start forgetting what you do know, and the whole paper will peter out to an abrupt halt.

5 Tips for Writing a Great Essay

  1. Research for a Topic
  2. Do not just a choose a topic at random, but rather do a little research on the ones you are considering before you decide on one. Sometimes you like a topic, but there’s not enough to write about.

  3. Make a Brain Map
  4. The brain map basically is a rough draft of the information that you wish to include in your paper. In this step then all you have to do is lay out all your ideas, all the information you want to include, any arguments you want to make as well as the conclusions you hope to draw.

  5. Research the Missing Pieces
  6. Once you have all your ideas planned out, make sure that you have all the information you need. If there were any points for which you wanted to share specific facts, you can research them now and have them noted and ready right in front of you.

  7. Begin Writing
  8. With all the ideas and information laid out in front of you, you can now resume writing. You will find that having everything thought out in advance will make the task of writing much easier for you. You won’t constantly have to pause and strain for that idea you had that is completely eluding you now.

  9. Re-read & Submit
  10. Once you are done writing your composition, you would be well advised to re-read it again a couple of times to iron out any mistakes, minor or major, that there might be in your paper. This will make your paper not just well-structured and well-researched but also well-written as well, and it would aid you in getting a better grade.
    So, just barging into an essay can prove to be a messy approach to writing; putting a little extra effort in the pre-writing phase makes all the difference to the actual writing part and process, and produces a paper that is a truly top notch You can find even cooler writing tips at


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