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Top 25 Discursive Essay Topic Ideas To Trigger Your Imagination

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There are many types of topics and discursive topic is one of them. In such topic the writers have to present both the aspects good and bad. These topics are written by many people but you can also write on the same topic differently. Writers should have sufficient knowledge about the topic and for that they should read vastly. As these topics are full of debate so sometime writer present it in such a way that create confusion.

If the writers want to get rid off from the confusion then first of all they should make their concept clear. Write one idea in your essay and stick to it from the beginning to end of the paper. To make your concept clearer you should read a lot. Variety books are available in the market on essay book. You can by form there or you can also search online. You will get both values on those topics. Here we are providing 25 discursive topics. To write the paper on these topics certainly trigger your imagination. Here they are given as follow.

  1. How does global weather change and who are responsible for that?
  2. The execution penalty should be abolished
  3. Election process needs improvement in our country
  4. The student assessment system should be changed
  5. Lottery is one type gamble
  6. India needs fair system of taxation
  7. Are we totally depend on computers
  8. Children are getting addicted of internet
  9. Animals use in research should be banned
  10. Smoking is injurious to health still people use. Should it banned completely
  11. Are the use of cell phones free from danger
  12. The behaviour of the child has been changed
  13. Our government takes necessary action to prevent population
  14. Are athletes and actors paid high amount?
  15. What should be paid amount for the post of CEO?
  16. The violence of video game causes change in attitude of the player
  17. Creationism should be taught as a school subject
  18. English should be language of all profession
  19. Parent should not enter fare in the life of their children
  20. Drinking alcohol damages the family
  21. Age does not effect relationship
  22. Is live in relationship encouraged
  23. Is the charge of Higher education too high?
  24. Is it proper to competition encouraged in school and colleges?
  25. Should the age fixed for dating?