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Top 25 Discursive Essay Topic Ideas To Trigger Your Imagination

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There are many types of topics and discursive topic is one of them. In such topic the writers have to present both the aspects good and bad. These topics are written by many people but you can also write on the same topic differently. Writers should have sufficient knowledge about the topic and for that they should read vastly. As these topics are full of debate so sometime writer present it in such a way that create confusion.

If the writers want to get rid off from the confusion then first of all they should make their concept clear. Write one idea in your essay and stick to it from the beginning to end of the paper. To make your concept clearer you should read a lot. Variety books are available in the market on essay book. You can by form there or you can also search online. You will get both values on those topics. Here we are providing 25 discursive topics. To write the paper on these topics certainly trigger your imagination. Here they are given as follow.

  1. How does global weather change and who are responsible for that?
  2. The execution penalty should be abolished
  3. Election process needs improvement in our country
  4. The student assessment system should be changed
  5. Lottery is one type gamble
  6. India needs fair system of taxation
  7. Are we totally depend on computers
  8. Children are getting addicted of internet
  9. Animals use in research should be banned
  10. Smoking is injurious to health still people use. Should it banned completely
  11. Are the use of cell phones free from danger
  12. The behaviour of the child has been changed
  13. Our government takes necessary action to prevent population
  14. Are athletes and actors paid high amount?
  15. What should be paid amount for the post of CEO?
  16. The violence of video game causes change in attitude of the player
  17. Creationism should be taught as a school subject
  18. English should be language of all profession
  19. Parent should not enter fare in the life of their children
  20. Drinking alcohol damages the family
  21. Age does not effect relationship
  22. Is live in relationship encouraged
  23. Is the charge of Higher education too high?
  24. Is it proper to competition encouraged in school and colleges?
  25. Should the age fixed for dating?

5 Prompts for Writing a Strong Essay on the Freedom of Religion

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Since man has looked to a higher power there has been the debate over which religion is right and which are wrong. Although, this topic has been written about time and time again, it is still a strong and popular subject for student’s to present in an essay format. But where do you begin? There are so many angles and areas that can be covered, here are 5 prompts from UsEssayWriters that may help get your thought processes churning.

Prompt # 1 ~ Should Prayer Be Allowed in Schools?

At one time reciting the Lord’s prayer was the way each class began their day, but with so many religions out there, today this would become a time-consuming task. Which brings up the question; if religion were allowed, which one should it be? People are easily offended, especially when it comes to religion, so making the decision to honor one and not the others would not be a task most school boards want to wrestle with…

Prompt # 2 ~ Religion and the Founding Fathers

When the founding fathers first established the United States, they made religion a priority, making sure it was separated from the state or government and that each person had a right to express it with freedom. However, things have changed and the US government has made moves towards taking all aspects of religion out of the schools, their money and even out of sports…

Prompt # 3 ~ Should Plural Marriages Be Legalized?

Some members of the Mormon church believe that having more than one wife falls within their religious freedom; however, for the majority of the world, this is illegal and comes with some harsh penalties…

Prompt # 4 ~ When Religious Beliefs Endanger Lives

For some cultures around the world modern medicine can infringe on the very beliefs they hold near and dear to their hearts. However, when religion inflicts harm or is viewed as illegal in the eyes of the law, what could or should be done?

Prompt # 5 ~ Muslims in America and Their Fight for Freedom

After the 911 attacks the world began to view Muslims in a very negative light, but can we judge an entire culture on the mistakes of some? This ongoing battle may never resolve itself, but we as a society must take steps to solidify and gain understanding of these people…

When writing an essay, especially on the freedom of religion, be sure to gather all your information and the facts together before you proceed to start writing. Choosing what you want to say and the points you want to make are crucial in putting together a strong freedom of religion essay.

Seven Great Tips To Write An Illustration Essay From Scratch

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An illustration essay is a piece of content writing which encompasses good examples in the write-up. It is a simple descriptive content with lot of facts, points and examples. Though you write fictitious write-ups, your given examples will help readers to have solid ideas about the central themes. Seven great writing tips to create an illustration essay are helpful to beginners.

First Tip

Like other pieces of articles and essays, illustration content writing is similar with an introduction, body of the content and lastly a conclusion. Make the good thesis statement in the short introduction. Enlarge the points in the middle of the content and lastly write the conclusion. Restate your thesis statement in this last paragraph of the write-up. All descriptive details must be done in the body of the write-up.

Second Tip

Bring pots of new attractive idioms, phrases and hyperbolic expletives to write the illustration article. Readers like to read good sentences which have similes and object personification terms. Sometimes, quoted lines from novels and well known stories cite a new identify to the content artistically.

Third Tip

Don’t lambaste a targeted person or institution while illustrating incidents in the write-up. Arguments and strong criticisms need to be steered clear of. Simply make your content lively through vivid content illustration.

Fourth Tip

Select the best examples which need to be placed in the illustration write-up. These examples help readers to learn your purposes to illustrate the incident.

Fifth Tip

You must have ability to transform ideas in your content without camouflage. So,be strategic to insert all examples in an integrated form. Don’t try to make the checklist of mentioning your examples in series. Readers must not lose their hope when they spend time for reviewing your illustration write-up.

Sixth Tip

Make your illustration write-up a good vehicle to transform your own feeling and senses to readers. They will have same feeling when they read the illustrated content. That’s why; attractive figures of speech can be used to restructure the content.

Seventh Tip

You should have friendly temperament to express your views in the illustrated content. Don’t forcefully impose your ideas on readers to accept. You must have welcoming tone to invite readers to go through the illustration write-up enthusiastically.

Lastly, after writing the complete illustration write-up, do reviewing and necessary content editing. Mistakes must be removed to make the write-up qualitative. Your thoughts should be delivered clearly within the précised content framework.