5 Prompts for Writing a Strong Essay on the Freedom of Religion

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Since man has looked to a higher power there has been the debate over which religion is right and which are wrong. Although, this topic has been written about time and time again, it is still a strong and popular subject for student’s to present in an essay format. But where do you begin? There are so many angles and areas that can be covered, here are 5 prompts from UsEssayWriters that may help get your thought processes churning.

Prompt # 1 ~ Should Prayer Be Allowed in Schools?

At one time reciting the Lord’s prayer was the way each class began their day, but with so many religions out there, today this would become a time-consuming task. Which brings up the question; if religion were allowed, which one should it be? People are easily offended, especially when it comes to religion, so making the decision to honor one and not the others would not be a task most school boards want to wrestle with…

Prompt # 2 ~ Religion and the Founding Fathers

When the founding fathers first established the United States, they made religion a priority, making sure it was separated from the state or government and that each person had a right to express it with freedom. However, things have changed and the US government has made moves towards taking all aspects of religion out of the schools, their money and even out of sports…

Prompt # 3 ~ Should Plural Marriages Be Legalized?

Some members of the Mormon church believe that having more than one wife falls within their religious freedom; however, for the majority of the world, this is illegal and comes with some harsh penalties…

Prompt # 4 ~ When Religious Beliefs Endanger Lives

For some cultures around the world modern medicine can infringe on the very beliefs they hold near and dear to their hearts. However, when religion inflicts harm or is viewed as illegal in the eyes of the law, what could or should be done?

Prompt # 5 ~ Muslims in America and Their Fight for Freedom

After the 911 attacks the world began to view Muslims in a very negative light, but can we judge an entire culture on the mistakes of some? This ongoing battle may never resolve itself, but we as a society must take steps to solidify and gain understanding of these people…

When writing an essay, especially on the freedom of religion, be sure to gather all your information and the facts together before you proceed to start writing. Choosing what you want to say and the points you want to make are crucial in putting together a strong freedom of religion essay.

Seven Great Tips To Write An Illustration Essay From Scratch

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An illustration essay is a piece of content writing which encompasses good examples in the write-up. It is a simple descriptive content with lot of facts, points and examples. Though you write fictitious write-ups, your given examples will help readers to have solid ideas about the central themes. Seven great writing tips to create an illustration essay are helpful to beginners.

First Tip

Like other pieces of articles and essays, illustration content writing is similar with an introduction, body of the content and lastly a conclusion. Make the good thesis statement in the short introduction. Enlarge the points in the middle of the content and lastly write the conclusion. Restate your thesis statement in this last paragraph of the write-up. All descriptive details must be done in the body of the write-up.

Second Tip

Bring pots of new attractive idioms, phrases and hyperbolic expletives to write the illustration article. Readers like to read good sentences which have similes and object personification terms. Sometimes, quoted lines from novels and well known stories cite a new identify to the content artistically.

Third Tip

Don’t lambaste a targeted person or institution while illustrating incidents in the write-up. Arguments and strong criticisms need to be steered clear of. Simply make your content lively through vivid content illustration.

Fourth Tip

Select the best examples which need to be placed in the illustration write-up. These examples help readers to learn your purposes to illustrate the incident.

Fifth Tip

You must have ability to transform ideas in your content without camouflage. So, be strategic to insert all examples in an integrated form. Don’t try to make the checklist of mentioning your examples in series. Readers must not lose their hope when they spend time for reviewing your illustration write-up.

Sixth Tip

Make your illustration write-up a good vehicle to transform your own feeling and senses to readers. They will have same feeling when they read the illustrated content. That’s why; attractive figures of speech can be used to restructure the content.

Seventh Tip

You should have friendly temperament to express your views in the illustrated content. Don’t forcefully impose your ideas on readers to accept. You must have welcoming tone to invite readers to go through the illustration write-up enthusiastically.

Lastly, after writing the complete illustration write-up, do reviewing and necessary content editing. Mistakes must be removed to make the write-up qualitative. Your thoughts should be delivered clearly within the précised content framework.

How To Find My Essay Writer: An Effective Strategy

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So you’ve decided to find someone to write your essay for you, right? Well before you proceed any further, you should form an effective strategy to make sure you’re getting the best writer at the best price. So if you’re asking yourself, “How do I find my essay writer?” here is what you need to know:


If your plan is to pay ten dollars to your friend’s cousin’s next door neighbor, then you really should think again. After all, what’s the point in paying for a potentially poor essay? You need to make sure that you are getting a top quality paper! So the first thing you need to do is get on the internet. You will find an abundance of essays for sale online, so you should take your time in comparing different services. Whatever you do, don’t just go with the first one you come across!

Think it through and check the details.

There are plenty of companies and freelance writers to choose from. Often it’s best to go with a freelancer so that you can have a one-to-one relationship, which means any problems can be resolved easily and communication is straightforward. But that’s not to say that you won’t find such things available from companies as well. Just be sure to check what their practices and services entail in detail before you choose. Look through their FAQs and terms and conditions so that you know exactly where you stand.

Look at customer feedback.

Looking at customer feedback is invaluable when it comes to picking a writing service. Don’t just look at what customers have to say on the companies’ own websites – look on online forums and suchlike to see which professional companies and individuals come recommended.


It’s not always the rule that the more expensive a service is, the better it is. But that doesn’t mean it follows suit that the cheap ones are better! You should take price into consideration, but only alongside other criteria. Quality should come first. After all, what’s the point in spending all that time looking for a service, and handing over your dollars, only to receive a mediocre essay? You might as well have saved yourself some money and spent the time actually writing the essay yourself!

Make sure.

Don’t overlook any details when it comes to choosing your writer. It’s easy to overlook things that seem trivial at the time, only to become major factors later. For example, you need to ascertain that you will receive your essay in plenty of time for your deadline!

Writing A 3-Paragraph Essay: Formatting Instructions

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Before we delve into the details of how you will format your three-paragraph essay, it is important to first of all understand what constitutes this paper. While the basic structure is of three paragraphs, you need to understand that this does not meant that this work can only be done in a few sentences. As a matter of fact you can have this paper flowing into a number of pages, depending on how you want to make it come out. There are useful ideas that will always come in handy when you are formatting for this particular paper. The following are some of them, and if you pay close attention to them, you will have already learned some of the most important things that will make it easier for you to deliver the best paper you have ever written. As a matter of fact these tips will also work for most of the other papers that you will ever need to work on.

  1. Structure of the paper

  2. Choose a topic

  3. Determine the thesis statement

  4. Outline the paper

  5. Start working on the paper

  6. Proofread your work

  • Structure of the paper
  • The first thing that you need to do is to visualize the paper. Imagine what you want to work on and determine how you will go about it to fruition. Once you have the picture in mind, everything else should be a breeze.

  • Choose a topic
  • Select the topic that you want to work on. Choosing a good topic will in most cases earn you more marks and make your work easier. Do not choose something that is too wide for you to handle within the confines of this paper, or too thin to be effectively handled at the same time.

  • Determine the thesis statement
  • The thesis statement provides the reader with a glimpse of the paper in a few sentences. It also gets them the direction that your paper is going, so that they know for sure why you are writing this paper.

  • Outline the paper
  • Come up with an outline. For clarity purposes, try and make sure that you use roman numerals for this. It will make your work easier, and will also make it easier for you to follow through.

  • Start working on the paper
  • With everything mapped out already, you can confidently start working on your paper and make sure that you have all the information you need.

  • Proofread your work
  • Finally, go through the task and weed out any information that is irrelevant. WriteMyEssayZ is a trusted company with years of experience in writing and editing, so feel free to hire them, if you need help.

Blackberry And Its Competitors

Since 2013 there have been three main factors that influence the Smartphone industry including 1) the relationships between hardware manufacturers and platform leaders, 2) the carrier support and market demand, and 3) the decision by many major communications companies to capitalize upon major trends. Within the smartphone industry there are five key forces at work. The first is the constant threat of new entrants. The fixed cost for research and design on hardware and software exists but there is still a need for good talent, manpower, and high initial investment especially with regard to intellectual property rights. Find perfectly written essays only at Weeklyessay.com. The second is the bargaining power of the supplier. Most hardware used to produce smart phones are exactly the same, including the same storage, glass screens, and architecture processors which means the supplier has more power. The third is the bargaining power of the buyer. Buyers have many choices on the market today and changing phones/providers is easier than ever. Many suppliers are now offering significant variety in terms of the applications and features afforded. Many buyers in fact give the suppliers increased bargaining power. The fourth is the threat of a substitute. For example, tablets are often substituted for smart phones because of their similar functionality, interface, and applications. The cross price elasticity is high from a featured phone. That all influences the fifth key force which is the intensity of rivalry, something that grows because of the aforementioned four factors and often results in better quality, advanced specifications, and improvements such as software bundles, cameras, better processors and storage, or increased connectivity.

That being said, BlackBerry Limited gains its primary revenue from the wireless BlackBerry solution, something that includes phones, tablets, service, as well as software. This company, above its competitors, maintains strong relationships with hundreds of global carriers and loyal customers around the world, particularly because of its core competency with regard to security encryption and its QWERTY keyboard. Blackberry Limited is a global leader among mobile communications with positive financial results for the last few years. The company can thank acquisitions, joint development deals, partnerships with communications companies, and the launch of new BlackBerry devices for this growth.

Competition from Apple and Samsung has been less successful in recent years only in the public. Apple and Samsung have endured multiple legal battles, those surrounding infringement cases. But above and beyond that, Samsung has dealt with a variety of press problems when it admitted to paying ghostwriters to leave negative reviews, and when it was sued over its bad working conditions in Brazil. These have negatively influenced the company’s success financially. Apple has remained competitive with its alternative products. Samsung however, has floundered behind both.

In terms of profitability, Apple ranked among the most profitable in 2014, and while Apple did face a slight drop in its profitability over the years, it has been able to remain constant while BlackBerry and Samsung have fluctuated more violently.

With regard to Return on Assets, Apple has remained ahead of Samsung and Blackberry.
Based on ROI Apple has done quite well over the last four years, but in 2011 was tied with Blackberry.
With regard to liquidity, Blackberry proves again that it is ahead of the competition, with Apple not far behind.
In terms of a quick ratio, BlackBerry remains ahead of tis competition as of 2014.
With respect to financial leverage, Blackberry has tied with its biggest competitor Apple, for the first time in four years.
In terms of the number of days of sales outstanding, Blackberry took the lead for the last four years, with Samsung closely behind.
Based on the number of inventory days, Samsung has been forced to fall far behind its competitors, stretching itself too thinly.
Over the last four years, Apple has seen higher payable days but BlackBerry has jumped significantly over the last two, doubling the amount of payable days and leaving Samsung behind with its dropping figures.

Overall, BlackBerry is doing well against its main competitors, significantly when compared to Samsung. It stands to reason that with Samsung’s efforts to be more than just smart phones it has damaged its productivity and efficiency over the last years and in the interim, BlackBerry has taken charge and leapt ahead of the curve.

Instructions For Students: How Do I Write A Better Essay?

During your high school years, you have to improve yourself all the time. You have to become better in math, biology and literature. Your professors will ask you to write essays very often on different topics, so you must have good writing skills. You know perfectly that in order to compose a really good composition, you have to work for a few hours and to put all your effort into it. Here is the solusion from EWritingService how you can write a better composition without struggling:

  • Take your time. This is the most common mistakes that students do: they start their assignment late, so they have to rush the entire process. This means that they will not have enough time to make research or to write in good way. To prevent this, try to start working on your composition a few weeks before you have to submit it. Even if you work only a few minutes every day, you will still finish it in time and it will be a good piece.
  • Use new words. It is vital to have a good vocabulary if you want to become a good writer. This does not mean that you have to spend all your day with your dictionary. It is enough to write down any new word that you encounter and to search for the definition. After a few weeks of doing this, you will notice how your assignments get better and better.
  • Be original. Many students are scared to try to write about a controversial topic, because they don’t know if others will accept their opinion. You don’t have to worry about this; your main concern is to create a text that will make people remember you. Choose interesting topics that no one had the courage to analyze before, and discuss about them in your composition! Believe me, your professor will be very impressed by this.
  • Use quotations and references. This is a good way to make your composition seem more alive and complex. Besides, you will allow the reader to find out other perspectives, not just your own. Your professor will also know that you took your time to make research and that you are not afraid to mention other people in your text. Make sure that every time you write a quote, you also mention the author and the source. A good assignment expert can help you with that.

The Best Basic Tips for Writing a Great Essay

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Writing an essay can easily become a most daunting task if you make the decision to dive right into writing first. This can be disastrous because you may not have completely thought about the topic or really given the arguments and information much thought. Then when you get to the mid-point, you’ll start forgetting what you do know, and the whole paper will peter out to an abrupt halt.

5 Tips for Writing a Great Essay

  1. Research for a Topic
  2. Do not just a choose a topic at random, but rather do a little research on the ones you are considering before you decide on one. Sometimes you like a topic, but there’s not enough to write about.

  3. Make a Brain Map
  4. The brain map basically is a rough draft of the information that you wish to include in your paper. In this step then all you have to do is lay out all your ideas, all the information you want to include, any arguments you want to make as well as the conclusions you hope to draw.

  5. Research the Missing Pieces
  6. Once you have all your ideas planned out, make sure that you have all the information you need. If there were any points for which you wanted to share specific facts, you can research them now and have them noted and ready right in front of you.

  7. Begin Writing
  8. With all the ideas and information laid out in front of you, you can now resume writing. You will find that having everything thought out in advance will make the task of writing much easier for you. You won’t constantly have to pause and strain for that idea you had that is completely eluding you now.

  9. Re-read & Submit
  10. Once you are done writing your composition, you would be well advised to re-read it again a couple of times to iron out any mistakes, minor or major, that there might be in your paper. This will make your paper not just well-structured and well-researched but also well-written as well, and it would aid you in getting a better grade.
    So, just barging into an essay can prove to be a messy approach to writing; putting a little extra effort in the pre-writing phase makes all the difference to the actual writing part and process, and produces a paper that is a truly top notch You can find even cooler writing tips at MyHomeworkDone.com.